How do you forgive yourself, especially when you feel shame and regret about things you have done in the past?

Dealing with shame and regret isn’t easy. And forgiving yourself can be extremely difficult when you live in constant guilt and regret.

Many of us carry hard, hurtful emotions that…

How well do you listen to the people around you? Listening can be challenging, especially these days, but the power of listening is so important.

When we listen, it allows us to better understand ourselves and other people too.

However, with all of the distractions around us and within our…

To truly succeed professionally and navigate the myriad of challenges we face these days, we must be willing to bring our whole selves to the work that we do.

This means showing up authentically, leading with humility, and remembering that we’re vulnerable, imperfect human beings doing the best we can…

Do you have healthy boundaries?

Boundaries weren’t something I spent much time thinking about for many years. I used to relate to the concept of boundaries negatively, but actually, boundaries are not only positive; they are essential for healthy relationships, families, teams, and communities.

Of course, I’ve known that boundaries…

Mike Robbins

Mike Robbins is the author of five books including his latest, We’re All in This Together, which released April 2020. He’s an expert in teamwork and leadership.

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